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What’s Next for Paisley Park?

What’s next for Paisley Park?

This is the question that many are asking after overcoming the initial shock of hearing about the passing of the music legend Prince.

Everything that this industry icon produced turned to gold and that includes more than just his music.

Paisley Park was a product of the late and great Prince as well, and was the place that he called home for much of his adult life.

Designed by architect Bret Thoeny and completed in 1988, the straight lined, white, metallic, compound is located in Chanhassen, MN, about 22 miles out of Minneapolis.

Sitting on a large plot of land and measuring about 60,000 square feet, the $10 million dollar complex was quite the site when it was built-in the rural area of Chanhassen, and it has remained a unique and surprising sight to anyone driving past that isn’t familiar with it.

The interior of the complex was once quoted in The Guardian as being “Almost exactly like you’d imagine a huge recording complex owned by Prince would look. There is a lot of purple.”

The supply of 60,000 square foot “Ikea looking” office buildings in Chanhassen, MN tends to be fairly low, but many are asking if that is going to change in the near future.

Although the death of Prince is still fresh on everyone’s mind, and the idea of speculating on whom will inherit his estate may be premature, it is difficult to restrain from wondering what the future will hold for the building that is filled to the brim with priceless memories.

Many are calling for a museum dedicated to Prince to be opened on the grounds of Paisley Park, so the world may continue to find enjoyment in the fascinating art and life of the artist.

The redevelopment of the land, or re-purposing of the compound is not out of the question however. Whether it be for a corporate site, or the division of the acreage into housing plots, there is no guarantee that Paisley Park will remain.

The earliest rumors that have been heard are leaning towards the compound being transformed into a museum. Sheila E. has spoken out in support of these plans and explained that she believes that it would be the best use of the property.

While Prince was not one to show off his vast amount of awards that he received throughout his career, he nevertheless saved everything he could, knowing that someday, his fans would appreciate the chance to see them. Sheila E. explained that Prince essentially had been developing Paisley Park into a museum ever since it opened its doors.

While we wait in suspense to find out whats next for Paisley Park, all we can do is remember the history that arose from the walls of it, and pay our respects to the genius that called it home. Prince was a once in a lifetime artist, and his passion showed through in everything he did. Paisley Park was no exception.

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